Steamboat Springs 2 Mile Melt Off

Every year the tourists bug out of Steamboat. The snow melts off and the lifts all shut down. What’s left is the off-season entertainment for owners of Steamboat Springs real estate holdings for year-rounders. There are the summer highlights- hiking, boating, fishing, hunting. And the big event, the annual mud run. But none of it is the coveted 400 inches of snow and fresh champagne powder to ski on to one’s heart’s content.

Snow in winter- it’s never in short supply, but right now, it’s melt off time and the lifts and runs are closed for the season. It’s all a memory now and you can’t ski on a memory. Tourists are gone, except a few who come for the mud run.


Home buying time is now. A chance to check things out and get them fixed if needed. In the winter it can be hard to properly inspect everything in a home with 4 feet of snow sitting on the roof. Summer rain will reveal a lot for you. Take along a qualified Steamboat Springs realtor who knows the market well. They’ll know what to look out for even if you don’t.

Steamboat Springs Colorado offers everything the snow resort seeker could want. That makes it a great place to own a home too.

Plenty of people make their way there by car from places like Albuquerque and Boise. Sometimes a lot farther. Few places have as drastic a difference between seasons as Steamboat. 

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