Relaxing in Luxury – Alpine or Sea Level

San Clemente may be your wish come true if you are looking for that classic Southern California beach town lifestyle. Situated between Los Angeles and San Diego, this small oasis is – perhaps the greatest surfboard per capita in the US! One visit for this hip and trendy surf town and you will notice why it frequents many top beach town in America lists. So grab your iPod, set on your preferred Beach Boys music, and check out this beach town that is trendy.

— Despite its increase, it’s a fantastic small town feeling having a great downtown, bustling with shops and eateries along Avenida Del Mar.

— What would a great beach town be without great surfing and there’s loads of it – From Trestles to T-Street, this town has some of the greatest waves in the OC.

— Weather – moderate year round with over 300 sunny days each year.

— Fun Events – check out the Farmers Market on Avenida Del Mar every Sunday, the Ocean Festival, the Fiesta Street Festival, Classic Car Show, and much more.

San Clemente real estate offers something for everyone. Southwest San Clemente is popular for people who are looking for a short walk to the finest beaches of the region. The surrounding hills to the east of town offer whitewater ocean views. Many newer areas to the east are popular with families and include Marblehead Talega, Forster Ranch, The Military Reserve, and more.

It then winds its way through more mellow, flatter terrain, flowing through Bellevue and on to the Magic Reservoir. A prime fly-fishing river that averages 75 feet in width, the Big Wood gives life to huge and starkly beautiful Blaine County, a place that Progressive Farmer magazine recently identified as among the greatest areas in America to dwell.

In the springtime, the Big Wood rages, fed by snow melt from the jagged peaks of the Sawtooth Range of the Rocky Mountains. Its rugged path races through vast wilderness areas, after which from the star-studded, wealthy man’s land of Sun Valley. In this northern section of Blaine County, the world’s best ice skaters and the richest of the rich along with Hollywood stars mingle, and tens of tens of thousands of people gather each year to ski a few of the nation’s finest downhill terrain.

As the river flows further down through a valley of pines and more gentle snow-covered slopes, it passes by a number of the very beautiful and charming small towns in the region, including Ketchum that is busy. Once a mining town, the sister city of Sun Valley is currently home to plenty of fantastic art galleries, gift shops, trendy eateries, along with endless condominiums.

Previously Ketchum homes for sale were few and far between but as the valley widened, a handful of developers moved in to place a few choice houses in the expanse of homestead in Blaine County. The colors fade from startling white and exuberant spring green to the burned yellow of the grazing lands which have been to ranchers for over 100 years.

However, although not ultra-affluent their proximity to Sun Valley’s multitudinous, like their northern neighbors, in demand million-dollar properties means that Hailey/Bellevue homes cost the national average. On the other hand, residents throughout Blaine County earn more on average compared to the remainder of the nation, and their schools are some of the very best in Idaho. Despite a high expense of living, locals know that money flows valley down as rapidly as the Big Wood.

Ketchum real estate in Idaho