By Land and by Sea

Spectacular heights can only be appreciated from points of comfort and security. Strange that some of the most enjoyable things in life are both the most difficult to appreciate  and the sometimes the most dangerous to capture. Consider how many idiots put hang-gliding on their bucket list. Humans are not meant to fly. We fall like rocks without some serious developments in physics. Thrust and lift are the guiding principles behind a multi-billion dollar industry of commercial flight. Scores of kids grow up dreaming of being pilots because it is an ultimate human accomplishment. Functionally conquering a physical restriction of our species, flight falls into the category of crazy that is still pursued with fervor. Cheating death feels pretty good but overcoming natural boundaries satisfies some superhuman need to survive and thrive beyond the boundaries of possibility. There was a time when very little of the earth was populated by humans because of very real natural obstacles. Between the elements, food availability and predators, some tracts of land went unroamed by even the toughest indigenous peoples. Now you can find cities scattered all across the country regardless of any natural barrier. In overcoming the climate and resource boundaries of the country. Explorers were able to enjoy some of those beautiful experiences that only come in the face of danger and superspecies accomplishment. Boulder Colorado is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in the Rockies, but several months a year, it is entirely inhospitable without ample shelter, heating, clothing, and regular supply lines. Today, some of the Boulder homes up for sale fetch incredible prices for their picturesque views and desirable winter sport locations. Ski resorts are completely baffling from an evolutionary point of view. Living in a cozy cabin at the bottom of a mountain conquered daily by novices and experts alike is almost like having a menagerie in the back yard. The mountain certainly doesn’t mind but the experience of summiting the hill on the seat of a chairlift and gliding back down in a manner of seconds is an extraordinary opportunity that so many earlier civilizations missed out on.

On the other end of the natural spectrum, the coastal lifestyle was a unique challenge for early settlers as well. While the climate and natural resources were in unending abundance, competition with other predators made everything but the direct coast line nearly unlivable. Mountain lions, bears, and vacationers from the future practically ruled the entirety of Orange County. In Aliso Viejo, homes today are hot commodities because they rest just between the comforts of the expansive ocean and the luxuries of unmoving land masses. Except for the occasional seismic adjustment, Aliso Viejo is one of the most sought after plots of real estate in the region. No wonder Aliso Viejo realty and homes are so hard to find in today’s market. Back in the day you would have to fight off an entire hoard of velociraptors just to make it to the AMC24 but today your only real competition is cash investors. Personally, I’d take the raptors.

Don’t trust a subpar real estate agent to help you in today’s market. It’s a jurrasic jungle out there