Heating Up

The discussion heats up. The energy drains. The chief engineer is almost delirious. The simulation- will it help? Only if the engineer can extract benefit from his own memory. His simulation was terminated. Fortunately the sim was restored. 

A time differential may hold the key to escape. The only way is to entrust the entire control to the computer. 

From Earth to Enron, fantasies abound in the mind of the writer. The best one must be selected and well communicated by the author.

Selection of story line by the author.jpg

En route to Mentaka 3. The decision is made. The departure is successful.

Credits: Mr Krause, Anaheim Search Engine Optimization, Reviews in OC.

The residue indicates post crash destruction. The team plans 12 minutes more investigation prior to departure. That is not how it turns out however. A survivor complicates the issue as well as an accident involving one of the crew. This not going well at all. The crew member is isolated. Noisy conditions make it impossible to locate him. He’s in a cave and unlike Back To The Future II, there’s no jacket-is-dry technology. I don’t know why. Perhaps no one thought of it yet. The movie hadn’t even been released yet. Today, our technology makes our homes auto dry. This is done through HVAC systems which are serviced by http://greatpeaksheatingandair.com in Broomfield near Denver.