Dominated Real Estate Biz

Gran Cardone might be considered one of the top real estate entrepreneurs in the country. He doesn’t want to contract. He wants to expand and spend. He’s an expert moneymaker in a business guru. He says you need to go back and restore that childlike quality to get what you want. He says is no shortage of what people want. There’s no shortage of love and good things.

How do you get to the next level? Doing well or doing poorly, how do you get to the next place? I don’t get myself as an individual to the next place and how do I get my business and other people to the next place? The truth is you have to dominate and not compete. If somebody grabs a claim from you that makes your system week. You had to strengthen it. Someone doesn’t leave you must do your system is we could come an adequate and not meeting their needs.

If you want a rich life that means freedom, family and time choices. I get to roll baby. I get to do what I want. I’m in business for myself. I’m not trapped. I’m not a slave. I’m going to go words friendly and people are supported. Where it’s good for my business and my family. Look, if you want to be in business for yourself and be free, you have to dominate. You cannot compete. Maybe competition is good for the customer but it’s not good for your business. You will be offense the entire time. Be on offense in the Prescott real estate for sale with Steve jobs went on the offense with the iPhone and put $119 billion in the bank. In cash.

Apple told Steve Jobs not to make the iPhone. See lifetime you are going to see that people will want to lick the buttons off the phone. Most people but their iPhone the last five years. They bought it in the single worst contraction economically in the United States. They paid $500 for two. They don’t even use it fully. If you don’t have a smart phone, you have a dumb phone. This thing does everything. I can be everywhere all the time. So were talking about domination space and the market – not dominating people physically of course. When somebody thinks about your business, your picture should come up. If that’s not happening you’re going to blame the marketplace. The market delivers pain to people who were defeated.

Dominating the market in real estate

Dominating the market in real estate

The economy today is extremely fragile and people agree that it is. The economy could roll over again. The people who feel the pain will be those who compete but people who dominate will benefit from another contraction.

Trust me. In your lifetime you’re going to see another contraction. It will probably be more severe than the one in 2007.

How many people got wiped out of real estate when Lehman Brothers collapsed? The pretenders got wiped out. The marketplace disciplined them. People who are prepared or disciplined by the marketplace. Success loves preparation. Champions dominate. This is true in Anaheim real estate

Be prepared in today’s market place. What’s the number one problem in real estate today? Yourself, the people around you. When a real estate company declines, it’s time to get rid of somebody. Get the game on with Airdrie’s homes for sale. You’ll love dominating real estate markets like that.

Sometimes I’ll put 40% down on a real estate deal. Builders, home builders bringing product to the bank. Product they couldn’t sell.

Get it right. Work so hard with no concept of freedom. You’re in prison with the kind of thinking that work is hard. In real estate it’s difficult. When it gets good what happens? Yahoos come into the real estate market.  And of course I need a realtor.  Listen, I want to buy round rock. Yeah sure. They coast as real estate legends but they’re not reading any more. They’re not in the game any more. Did you ever see anybody die from work? No they lose their purpose. When I’m tired, I look at my purpose. My game’s not big enough. I’m not interested any more.

A buyer has to sell. A buyer has to “sell” a loan to the bank. In America we have this disdain for selling. I’ll call myself anything but a sales person. I’m a master at selling. I know that when someone says I have a budget. That means they’ll go over their budget. I bought from everybody except you. I’m trying to control my urge to purchase.

I’m selling a service for real estate search engine optimization and you should buy it. It’ll deliver value like you’ve never had. Look, if you’re not in real estate then you’re in business. Get Orange County Business SEO. I quit looking for $10. I did that when I was a kid. It’s the same amount of work to get $10 as it is to get $1 million. Today, change your ask.