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So guys, if you want to flip a house, there is a system that intrinsically works and there’s one that doesn’t. A property may be done even when the outside looks a little rough around the edges. Certainly inside it can be finished. At this point there’s just a review of what’s done. Here’s the overview of what was done according to the real estate flipper’s own auto transcript.

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Are you here today is system start. What we have here is only thinking back into this property with thinking back into this property and show you now kind of what we did in here. This technique can apply to homes in Palm Beach Gardens. It can be used on real estate in a place like Hopkinton MA.  A very very important lesson whenever you’re rehabbing properties self it really is a good lesson for life as well so obviously we got everything coming in and the we everything now is very very open feel. All these houses near the cul-de-sac right here the thing they all have very very small kitchen subject so we can a lot of walls here on the inside house so that we could give them more modern look and feel so that we could attract most of the buyers that would be interested in a property like this so there’s a huge closet. We took out there was walls right here that we took out. All I did here was take this room and I I just took about 2 feet off in this room and is still about 11 foot room so it still got great size to it. And I got to get what I wanted so all this whole societies this whether you’re an widespread business sometimes you have to get a little bit to get a lot of little bit. Give to get. You have to get it.

Clearly, the goal here is delivering a big punch in a small home space by creating an unexpectedly strong sense of an open feel. Open feel homes are desirable in your market too. Find real estate and home upgrades for sale in Rio Rancho where earlier developments started in the 1960s. These original homes are small by today’s standards.

In my entire life on flipping properties, you notice in a life in general and it gets you so much further than just take, take. So don’t be scared to give a little bit to get a lot of it. So that what we do here so on your next rehabbing  don’t be scared to go through there and to get exactly what you want to take from other areas. So all I did here is take that from little number one of time and in the bedroom down here I wanted to take there so that I could get exactly what I wanted which was an open feel.

An open feel is often the first priority of people choosing a home. Find updated homes in Wichita Ks.

So let’s go on downstairs and show you what we did; which I take from there from right here for the kitchen was time the kitchen was actually just all right here so that was the kitchen and had obviously the sink right here on leads in here for the kitchen felt very very close that you had a dining room right here and what I wanted to do whenever we bought this property is a way to appeal to everybody so we can get top dollar for this property is so very very quickly so what I did was I took every single walling here. Okay I took every single walling here out. Window supporting beams or anything like that I was able to do that and you we have to give electric on which is being done here’s a couple days I wanted to take all the thing out so when somebody walked through this house okay so when my buyers walk through this house they open up the door. And the first thing they see is everything is wide open. The first thing they will focus on is the kitchen. Okay so the kitchen is going to be right here. That’s what I really wanted everyone to focus on so that right now everything’s gone and you can see here that we’ve done a lot of construction on the inside of this. In the first part is that we got into a framing and did everything the way they needed to be so what we did is we get all this now;  those we’re finishing up the electric.

On the sheet rock and everything insulating on the sheet rock and we are finishing this product property up. Because earlier said I wanted people walk around and see everything that was open. What everybody wants in today’s real estate market is open feel as an option. Okay I have an option so when you look around this place I have a hall closet in here somewhere somewhere for them to go inputs clauses are you hang your coat and cloak coat in a closet. Somewhere. The only place that really could go would be right here okay to frame out a closet and I didn’t want that I do not want that at all because I knew that a particular closet here I’d have to build it out that there goes that open feel. Agents who are best in Prescott AZ home selling.

Okay so that’s our house looking for someone did was I got a little bit creative. You can get a little bit creative. So what we did was we actually this was just a straight wall across. Okay right here we have the upstairs to one of the bedrooms and below we have the downstairs to one of the bedrooms now so I decided to do was I wanted to open this up right here I wanted to get you go through and take this case right here in my closet right here so I can have that open field framing so walls are bringing the system. Using my business that you can rip off using your own local market.

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