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Some of America’s best-kept secrets have some of the most famous names. One of these is Albuquerque. It’s more than just a place for Bugs Bunny to pop-up. It’s a location that has some of the best home values around. Albuquerque homes for sale are both better-than-average home and more affordable than the average home. These homes are downright beautiful in the community has a rich historical and cultural past everywhere you look. This is writing keeping with the nickname of the state, land of enchantment. While much of the Western states tend to be the familiar desert landscapes seen in movies like Rain Man or Forrest Gump, new Mexico is forested and mountainous. There’s great beauty and mild climate to enjoy. In Albuquerque and neighboring Rio Rancho, there’s always the close proximity and collusion of natural landscapes and high-tech. The economy is excellent. Many jobs are driven by tech giant, Intel Corporation. The combination of ample space and the proximity of the economic powerbase makes Rio Rancho homes for sale and even better bargain than Albuquerque real estate.

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