Heating Up

By Boucher Real Estate / October 28, 2014

The discussion heats up. The energy drains. The chief engineer is almost delirious. The simulation- will it help? Only if the engineer can extract benefit from his own memory. His simulation was terminated. Fortunately the sim was restored.  A time differential may hold the key to escape. The only way is to entrust the entire […]


About That Anaheim Town

By Boucher Real Estate / October 23, 2014

The town of Anaheim is among the country’s premier municipalities and is among the most populous cities in California. Anaheim covers 50.8 square miles with 336,265 residents and over 2,950 City workers. Anaheim additionally boasts entertainment sites and world class assembly with the Anaheim Convention Center, LEED- certified as well as the biggest on Angel […]