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Apex, NC offers homes put the best of both worlds. These properties we’re close to Nature and they provide an excellent Suburban lifestyle. Commuting to North Carolina’s favorite cities is close, often under 30 minutes. Unlike many metro areas, it’s easy to obtain a home in Apex with a yard and a view, often with waterfront scenery.

Apex Fun and Activities

Well, it’s game day in Apex, North Carolina. Saturday is play day all around town. From the baseball field to the enormous skatepark, this town seems to have more amenities for its residents than towns I’ve seen over twice its size. This amazing town even has its own mobile MRI machine according to one unverified online source.

The Character and History of Apex

Apex is a city full of small-town southern character and its residents and shopkeepers are very welcoming. They prize the small-town atmosphere and work together diligently to keep it inviting and entertaining. Apex is the highest point along the Chatham Railroad. This is where steam engines of yesteryear stopped at the top of their climb to replenish their water supply. Its railroad legacy still flavors the city today, especially it’s old-style downtown. Early on and its history, Apex became a shipping point for lumber and other pine-forest related products. 

Now it’s been 220 years since Apex was founded and its history is rich and reflects its centuries of legacy. Today Apex has become extremely valuable as a part of the famed Research Triangle, situated directly between Durham and Raleigh, North Carolina.  Apex is under 30 minutes away from all three tier 1 Research universities: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, and Duke University. Raleigh-Durham International Airport is only 15 miles away. 

Back in 1989, the population of Apex was barely more than 5,000 people but something happened in the 1990s and by the year 2000, the population had quadrupled to 20,000 and now it’s well past the 55,000 mark and by some estimates, 59,000 people.

Apex Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Apex, NC closely fits its demographic. the median age in Apex is 37.2 years and the median home has 6.7 rooms and a value of $289,300. While the cost of living is somewhat higher than many areas of the United States, the median income is over $100,000 and tax rates are reasonable at 1.13% combined property tax. Unemployment is a super low 3%. 

Home for sale in Apex NC

It’s well-known that Apex was voted the number one best place to live in the August 2015 edition of Money Magazine. But Apex has lots of other accolades as well , from Forbes Magazine, Movoto, NerdWallet and Family Circle, usually rated in the top 10 best places to live in America. Since 1970, Apex has been surnamed “The Peak Of Good Living”. Just to be sure, Apex conducted its own citizens satisfaction survey in 2017. 95% rated it the best place to live in the United States.

A solid neighborhood economic situation, terrific real estate costs, excellent colleges, peaceful surroundings, it comes as not a surprise Apex received the # 1 ranking. With around 45,000 individuals residing in Peak, you could be stunned at just how well the city has the ability to maintain that turn of the century vintage small-town feel. Mother earth definitely helps out, supplying Apex with lakes, wildlife and moderate seasons.

Family Homes In Apex

Why do families love Apex homes? It is because they offer an excellent suburb lifestyle along with a top rated School District, lots of opportunities for employment and career growth, plus a downright enjoyable community. 

Apex, NC Real Estate Services

When you’re ready to shop for homes in your favorite North Carolina community our experienced team is here to help. Contact Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston For Apex to buy or sell homes in Apex, NC.

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Why Is Aspen Real Estate So Expensive?

Was the price of Aspen’s real estate seen as expensive last year? Consider the cost of purchasing a home in 2021.
As the year gets well underway, a recent November real estate market snapshot from Sotheby’s broker Tim Estin reveals soaring sales and shrinking inventory in Aspen and Snowmass Village.
Regional statistics indicate that November unit sales tripled and total dollar sales more than quadrupled from the previous year; year-to-date unit sales are up 47% and dollar sales are up 120%. Additionally, there is less inventory for sale: nearly a third less inventory was available in November compared to the previous year.

“These are mind-boggling numbers,” said Estin, who publishes real estate market analyses dubbed the Estin Report. “We continue to set records.”

Aspen real estate is expensive and going up in 2021

Upward Real Estate Market Trends Ending 2020

November’s statistics indicate a slight decline in comparison to the summer’s peak months. However, despite the typically slow real estate offseason, last month saw significant increases in unit and dollar sales in an already banner year for local real estate.

Aspen Real Estate Prices – Up Up And Away

Unit sales in Aspen are up 44 percent year to date (325 condos through the month of November versus 225 last year). And in November alone, those figures increased dramatically: 38 units were sold in Aspen last month, up from 16 the previous year. This represents a 138 percent increase. The price of homes sold in Aspen has increased by an even greater margin: a 134 percent increase in dollar sales brings this year’s Aspen total to more than $2.32 billion; last year’s total at the end of November was $993 million.
If you crunch the numbers, this year’s Aspen buyers spent significantly more on homes and condos than buyers in 2019: the year-to-date average sale price in Aspen is more than $7.1 million, up from around $4.4 million last year — a nearly 62 percent increase. And Aspen’s inventory is down 22% year over year, with only 244 units available in November, down from 313 last year.

What About Snowmass Home Prices?

Snowmass Village is proving to be a viable alternative to the Aspen frenzy for some clients. Monthly unit sales in the town have increased by 147 percent, with 47 units sold in November compared to just 19 the previous year.
However, Estin noted that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right fit at the right price. Snowmass Village inventory is down 39% year over year, with 137 units available compared to 224 in 2019. The average unit price is also higher this year, hovering around $2.2 million, up from $1.9 million last year, a roughly 15% increase per unit.
“In summary, as Aspen prices continue to rise and demand remains unsatisfied in Aspen, yes, interest flows into Snowmass,” Estin wrote.

These increased home prices are a result of supply and demand.

For starters, homes over $10 million in price are selling like hotcakes: year-to-date unit sales for these ultra-luxury properties have more than quadrupled in 2020.
“Those sales over $10 million are driving all the averages upward — at any price point,” Estin explained.
Additionally, the combination of limited supply and high demand drives selling prices. Estin stated that his market analysis for this year reveals “unbelieveably high numbers.”
It may appear that higher selling prices and increased demand would be a strong incentive for homeowners to list their property, thereby increasing the available inventory. However, those high prices represent a stumbling block in the supply-and-demand equation, Estin explained.
“Sellers are asking themselves, ‘If we sell, what are our options?’ Where are we going to live next?'” Sales have been so robust and ferocious that new properties for sale, new listings… are not occurring quickly enough to replenish the pipeline that is rapidly depleting.

Not So Easy To Buy That Ski Home

In other words, it’s simple to sell a house; it’s more difficult to purchase one. Certain high-rolling clients in Aspen intend to wait out the COVID-19 craziness, Estin said, citing the current scarcity of multimillion-dollar properties.
“They’re enraged,” Estin stated. “They are indicating that we should simply wait for things to calm down.”
However, it’s difficult to predict when things will finally calm down.
Aspen drew a lot of attention over the summer, Estin said, because residents felt safer in an area with few COVID-19 cases. Now, as the number of Pitkin County cases increases and the likelihood of entering Red level restrictions increases, that interest in coming to Aspen may wane.
“If we enter the Red zone… does it make sense for someone from Los Angeles to visit Aspen? “Are they truly safer?” Estin was perplexed.
However, even if conditions improve in Pitkin County, the market is unlikely to automatically revert to its 2019 or even 2020 levels.
“I do not believe that a retreat to pre-COVID times would occur,” he stated. “As brokers, we have no idea where this is going.”

New Sales GM at Raleigh’s Coldwell Banker HPW

Renee Smith brings a long-standing track record of success in real estate sales with her to her new position with HPW. As general sales manager, she will oversee all HPW sales offices.

Prior to coming to Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Wolstan, Smith served as VP and sales manager who is a member of the Long and Foster companies. She managed their Lochmere office, which was their number one performing office in their entire network of companies.

Renee Smith said that HPW resonates with her core values and that she couldn’t think of a better fit.

More on this hiring news at https://apnews.com/press-release/prcom/business-corporate-news-north-america-products-and-services-professional-services-eede2c40c54ed7f3c5034ec163b2725e

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Raleigh Real Estate Prices in 2020

Raleigh is a cosmopolitan city in North Carolina, located along the shores of Lake Raleigh. Real estate here is expensive, but the amenities and culture found here make it a desirable place to live. This is also the home of the Tar Heel State University. In this article, we’ll take a look at what attracts people to Raleigh homes and the factors that affect the real estate prices here.

There are 1,596 homes for sale in Raleigh, NC currently. See current updates to Raleigh real estate inventory here. Use any of the keywords you can to sort through them by price, neighborhood, square footage, building age or overall building type. You can also utilize any specific terms you might like to narrow down your search even further.

Raleigh reaol estate inventory at HPW

While last February was a particularly busy month for home sales in the Triangle, homes are still selling well overall. Homebuyers have some wiggle room to negotiate and offer more in terms of down payment and interest rate. February was the third-busiest month on record for home sales in the Triangle. This could change, however, after winter passes and spring looms. Regardless of the current climate, we expect a slow but steady increase in home sales over the coming months.

The three areas of the Triangle that saw the largest increase in home sales over the last few months were Wake County, North Raleigh and Carrboro. The top appreciating subdivisions in the Triangle include those in the City of Raleigh, Pine Ridge and Fuquay. Wake County led the way with an 8% increase. The counties mentioned had strong incentives available to help homebuyers purchase property.

The average price for homes in the Raleigh area is above the national average. Wake Forest came in at number five, while Raleigh was number seven. The average price of homes in Carrboro fell three points to eight. North Raleigh saw a three-point drop in the average price of homes while Wake Forest saw a four-point rise.

Realtors attribute the drop in prices to a lack of supply and demand. This is probably influenced by pandemic issues. Because of the Triangle’s popularity, it is likely that more homebuyers than usual have bypassed this area, giving the sellers a greater sense of urgency. For these reasons, listings in Raleigh will probably be more aggressive this winter. If you live in the Raleigh area and are looking for a home, now is a great time to contact a trusted real estate listing company. A good realtor will be able to search the Triangle with extreme ease and bring you listings of homes that are priced to move.

Due to the influx of new construction, both demand and supply of homes are stronger than ever. Raleigh still has plenty of room to grow, so homes in the Raleigh area are still going to be higher than the average sale price. However, the Triangle is no longer considered the home for construction. Homes are available now at a lower cost, and builders are competing more intensely for new construction homes.

One of the top appreciating subdivisions right now is in the hills of southwest Raleigh. This community has excellent access to light rail and shopping, as well as a convenient location. Several universities are located in this area, and several colleges are renovating campus housing. In addition to the many positive attributes of the Triangle, there are several areas that are simply not being touched by new home construction. These include Cabarrus and East Wake counties, and Pine Mountain and Wilson counties.

Five Golf Course PGA National Has More Than You Might Expect

PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is a 2,340-acre master prepared club and golf course community. Within this gated community are around 5,000 homes throughout 40 unique areas. Real estate in PGA National is consisted of low-rise condos, townhouses, single-family detached homes, and larger customized estates. Houses for sale in this golf course community range from one-bedroom condo units discovered in Cypress Point to seven-bedroom, single family houses in preferable Marlwood Estates. Costs differ anywhere between $5100,000 for an unfurnished, one bed room condo unit with approximately 500 square feet of living area to $1.85 million for an Italian design villa with more than 7,400 square feet of air conditioned living space. Though subscription to the club is not mandatory, some of the houses for sale might include a social, sport, or golf club subscription.

PGA National Homes Club Pools

Membership at PGA National Golf Club consists of five golf courses, 4 of which are located within the gated neighborhood and one that is located five miles away in Bayhill Estates. Possibly the most esteemed of the five courses is the Championship Course, a link created by golf legend Jack Nicklaus. The home of the notorious “Bear Trap,” this is the present course for the Honda Classic Golf Tournament and previous home to several significant tournaments consisting of the Ryder Cup (1983 ), the PGA Championship (1987 ), and the Senior PGA Championship (1982-2000). The 3 other champion golf courses located on the facilities consist of The Palmer, developed by icon Arnold Palmer; The Squire, named after grand slam golf player Gene Sarazen and created by Tom and George Fazio; and the recently remodelled Fazio Course (previously the Haig), likewise designed by Tom and George Fazio. The off-site course, called the Estates, is a spectacular venue created by Karl Litten that genuinely encompasses Florida’s indigenous plants and wildlife. 

The events at PGA National are so numerous you have to see it to believe it. Here’s the Palm Event of 2017 with plenty of cars you may not have ever seen in the way they’re shown off at this event.


Apart from golf, PGA National Golf Club members are privy to 17 tennis courts, advanced gym, resort-style swimming pool, Olympic-size lap pool, and numerous on-site dining alternatives. Whether a member or not, all homeowners at PGA National delight in the area’s many walking tracks, bike courses, parks, playgrounds, and 24-hour security. Ideally situated, this prominent community is located throughout the street from Mirasol Walk, that includes Publix, Nail Care, Pizazz Hair Salon, Orange Theory Fitness, and specialized shops. Just a couple of miles east, and citizens enjoy the dining establishment corridor of PGA Boulevard, the luxurious Gardens Mall, and Cobb Movie Theater. As an added perk, PGA National is a simple skip far from both the Florida Turnpike and I-95, making for a convenient work commute or leisurely outing.

PGA National Homes  The Palm Event

Those living in PGA National are delighted to send their kids to Palm Beach County’s top-rated schools: Timber Trace Elementary School, Duncan-Watson Middle School, and Dwyer High School. Private school options close-by consist of The Benjamin School, Trinity Christian School, and St. Mark’s Episcopal School among others.

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